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Global ERP Service

Provide basic functional modules such as product publication, order management, customer service disputes, warehousing procurement, logistics management, data statistics and financial management, as well as CPC advertising, intelligent price adjustment, follow-up management, Feedback/Review monitoring, FBA delivery management, FBA intelligent supplement Features such as cargo planning and profit accounting provide sellers with one-stop services for multiple platforms and multiple accounts.

  • Simple, easy-to-use Amazon multi-store operations management tool.


    Perfectly present the real-time sales volume of Haimai Assistant, and directly switch and view multiple accounts and multiple sites. Multi-dimensional condition filtering such as brand and grouping labels, and refined data analysis. View and export products within 30 days, detailed data every day, and detailed sales data.

    • Instant Sale

      Mobile sea sales assistant, check store sales anytime, anywhere

    • Sales Summary

      Daily news push to help you keep track of store dynamics in real time

    • Advertising Campaign

      On-site ad maintenance, optimize your ads anytime, anywhere

    • Product Monitoring

      One-stop multi-store management tool, no need to worry about associated risks

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